Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

Royal Caribbean International Cruise

* Exclusive class ship design   

Royal Caribbean International Cruise, size 60cm
        Congratulations on your purchase of this limited edition of Sakera Bambu Gallery    
This model of ship is created from the expertise of a great artist's hand skills to create miniature ships of 95% bamboo a different, unique, natural, and high creativity.
All of the components worked by hand in a fairly long process
       Hard work, diligence and precision will be applied to each detail in each replica; every smooth finish and every detail line, only a little color without altering the authenticity of the bamboo
       Unique and artistic, each miniature has a soul and different characteristics, not only the it takes skills, but also patience, experience and expertise to create a miniature ships Special Bamboo-based,
due to the Thousands of man hours spent on the construction of each. Proudly displayed in your home,

* We provide  exclusive class ships , standard class ships and small size ,  (with more detailed features)
* I expect a lot of support from readers of this blog to development and recognized all people 

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