Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012


Sakera Bambu Gallery

  Exclusive class  ships design  

* Type : Sb 23 , scale:. Length 98 cm, height 72 cm
* long process ;7 weeks(1month+3 week)
Price :$650. Dollar USA (not including postage)

* Really hand made with 95% bamboo 

       SOLEIL ROYAL, a famous ship in French naval history
The French SOLEIL ROYAL was named in honour of the Sun KING,

 Louis XIV. The SOLEIL ROYAL was one of the most powerful warships of her time.
 She was launched 1669 in Brest,,,Read more
We provide small size ,  standard class ships and exclusive class ships(with more detailed features)
If you are interested in this item please contact us as soon as possible or you will wait a few months to have it because it is very limited

* I expect a lot of support from readers of this blog to development and recognized all people
* Please let me know If you are interested to be my business relationship and some special prices for resellers
thank you for viditing Sakera Bambu 

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