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The Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean

 * Exclusive class ship design 
Miniature Ship fabricated from 95% bamboo, totally handmade
you will not find models such as these anywhere else in the world.

   Check detail with video,,, enjoy it.!   

* Type : Sb 28 , Scale:. Length 120cm (48" long)
* long process ; 3 months 

    The Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean is the most spectacular cruise ship ever in service. MS Oasis of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship in October 2009.,read more the historical

I showcase my talents and skills in creating replica ships that are unique, natural, factual, and works of high creativity and art.
    A lot of research and effort goes into creating these historically accurate and highly detailed one of a kind models, and you will not find models such as these anywhere else in the world. 
Each Miniature Ship fabricated from 95% bamboo, 
    Elsewhere in the world the average miniature ship is mass produced in a factory using simple molding machines and presses to produce simple models usually from fiberglass, plastic, or cast iron. 
    But if you are searching for something different my miniatures are really a product of an artists hand with each unique and artistic, each miniature with its own characteristics. It not only takes skill, but patience and experience to create these miniature bamboo ships.
    It has to be said the bespoke handmade replicas of ships, both modern and classic models, that I create are a little more costly than a mass produced miniature from a factory.
But I think everyone well understands and appreciates a genuine work of art.
I have art lovers and collectors in many countries willing to commission pieces and wait to get their own original ship.
   Hard work, diligence and precision will be applied to each detail in each replica; every smooth finish and every detail line just like the original and only a little color to create the look of realism without altering the authenticity of the bamboo
* We provide small size standard class ships and exclusive class ships(with more detailed features)
If you are interested in this item please contact us as soon as possible or you will wait a few months    to have it because it is very limited

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