Selasa, 18 September 2012

All New AND Exclusive Design

Sakera Bambu Gallery

Best seller
 Exclusive class ship design 

* Type : Sb 26 ,  Scale:. Length 100cm(40"),  height 74cm,.
* long process ;  2 months ,
Price : $950 Dollar USA ( not including Postage )

   Pirate ship model features:
Handcrafted Model Ships is proud to offer a collection of models inspired by the legendary pirate history, taken from the Golden Age of Piracy.. According to history, when the first time was the time of the cruise in the Caribbean there are many pirates who controlled the waters in the Caribbean region. So do not be surprised at that many pirates plundered merchant ships passing through the area to look for the treasure that brought the merchant ships. Sometimes they did not hesitate to sink merchant ships they had robbed. Of course, this resulted in huge losses to the owners of merchant ships that.,read more

* Really hand made with 95% bamboo 
*we provide a few items
-1. size; Length 100cm,
-2. size; Length 135cm,
* We provide small size ,  standard class ships and exclusive class ships(with more detailed features)
* If you are interested in this item please contact us as soon as possible or you will wait a few months to have it because it is very limited

Know more about CEO Sakera Bambu
Please feel free to message me for further information, make deal with good negotiation

* I expect a lot of support from readers of this blog to development and recognized all people
* Please let me know If you are interested to be my business relationship and some special prices for resellers
thank you for viditing Sakera Bambu 

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  3. continue to work ...
    success always

  4. great work,, really ,, i like that
    succes for u dude ,, :)

  5. nice,,, sukses trus y,,
    N ciptakan hal2 yg lebih menarik lagi dgn bakat mu!!

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  8. Amazing,l like for this style...
    l wanna haVe it..That's really cool...

  9. Congratulations Friend!
    you are an artist, work that requires great skill and patience!
    A big hug

  10. 做功非常好,相当精细,独特的创意,细节处理的非常好。